St. Patrick’s Day is here with festivities all over town.  Today (Friday) there will be traditional music and dance (and some games) at Beaver Island Community School starting at 2:00.  Danny, Danny & Friends are at Donegal Danny’s tonight and Saturday starting at 8.  Rigormortis will be at the Beachcomber this evening “around” 6:00 and tomorrow after the Clan-al-gal games.  And those games?  They start out in front of the Shamrock Saturday at 1:00.

But, the great days don’t end with St. Patrick’s Day.  March 21 at 5:00 is the last day to get you prediction in on when the PABI Ice Classic Buoy goes through the ice.  Get your tickets here at the BIC Center or from any PABI board member.  And, remember that your entry helps support programs at the BIC Center and on WVBI.

And speaking of great days and programs at the BIC Center, our summer schedule is almost complete–and it will include many great days of fun and entertainment.  Check back for details and check out our Celebrate Summer 2018 Calendar to discover all the great events already scheduled for this summer on Beaver Island.


Learn more about the Ice Classic   Check out the Celebrate Summer 2018 Calendar