What We Do

PABI’s recent work includes:

  • Installing a state of the art assistive listening system in the Ray & Ann Stanhope Theater that works with most hearing aids and includes loaner units with headphones;
  • Hosting events for BICS including the robotics team’s bIrobot Film Festival, testing sessions, the 4th, 5th & 6th grade play and graduation;
  • Supporting the first ever Island Fellow programming by providing office space in the BIC Center;
  • Implementation of the Up North Digtal Network video sign system and making it available to all businesses that want to participate; 
  • Hosting community meetings on the Master Plan, EMS Issues the Island Fellow Program and others;
  • Presentation of recent release movies almost every weekend with shows for kids, teens and adults;
  • Hosting senior events including monthly COA Dinners and the Arthritis Exercise Program;
  • Organizing and hosting recreational activities that exrcise the body and the mind including Pickleball and Games Galore;
  • Production assistance and broadcast of the Beaver Island Radio Players productions including episodes of The Bickersons, Father Knows Best and Lights Out;
  • Serving as the trail head of the Beaver Island Birding Trail and home to the Beaver Island Community Players;
  • Adding a self-serve soda fountain to our concession stand; and
  • 24x7 operation of the WVBI — the Voice of Beaver Island — with locally produced news, a comprehensive on-air and on-line Community Calendar, Islander News from BICS, locally produced music shows, global news on the hour in the mornings and evening, and informative programing Saturday & Sunday mornings including the recent addition of the Peabody award winning show RadioLab from WNYC.

There’s always something going on at your Community Center.  It’s where island adventures begin.


Car #1 Was #1 Again!

The winning team of Diane McDonough, Andy Kohls, Eric Hodgson, Jeanne Gillespie and Kathy Speck has not only Rallied for over a decade, but in past years has organized this PABI annual rite-of-spring. Congratulations for winning the coveted trophy--and continuing a Beaver Island tradition!

Plays, Robots & Ice

PABI's spring events included two productions in the Ray & Ann Stanhope Theater, a robot film festival and the classic Ice Classic.