Hard to believe after our never-ending winter, but the official start to summer comes this weekend with Memorial Day.  The BIC Center will be humming all weekend hosting presentations for the Warbler’s on the Water birding event and with a Robotics Team Movie Festival.

Warbler’s on the Water makes use of the Beaver Island Birding Trail to present an event that draws visitors from around the globe.  In addition to birding events out on the trail, WoW includes a series of informative presentations that are all hosted here at the BIC Center (which also serves as the trail head for the Beaver Island Birding trail). The presentations start Friday evening with one on Bald Eagle Research in the Beaver Island Archipelago at 5pm and another about Using the Nation Audubon Society’s eBird App at 6pm.  If you are new to birding, stop in Saturday at 4pm for Birding for Beginners.  At 4:45pm, there’s a presentation on the Great Lakes Piping Plover Recovery Program. Sunday at 1pm enjoy a special presentation of Green Fire, an award-winning documentary about legendary conservation thinker Aldo Leopold. Things wrap up at 4:30pm with a presentation about Nesting Waterbirds on Beaver Island.

The BIC Center is also hosting a Robot Movie Festival this weekend presented by the BICS Robotics Team.  It’s the bIrobot Movie Festival with movies at 3 and 7pm.  Each film will be preceded by a team presentation and robot demonstration.  You’ll see the team’s 2018 robot in action, and their 2016 and 2017 robots will be in the house, too.  All weekend long in the BIC Center lobby you can see the pit display they built to promote Beaver Island. Of course, the bIrobot Movie Festival includes movies about robots, too. The 3pm presentation includes the Pixar classic Wall E starring an eccentric robot of the same name, and the 7PM show is The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy featuring Marvin the Paranoid Android.

It’s the first busy weekend of many to come for your Beaver Island Community Center.  You can keep up to date on what’s happening here as well as other events on the island by checking out our Community Calendar.  Bookmark it today to help you keep up to date about all the fun events coming this summer.