Why post your event here? Post once and done. That’s why.


If you post your event here, it gets maximum exposure. WVBI uses the BIC Center/WVBI Community Calendar to put together its Community Calendar broadcasts whcih air every weekday at 9:00 a.m., noon, 3:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m.  Events posted here are also included on the BIC Center’s Up North Digital Network digital signage system with displays in the BIC Center, the Beaver Island District Library, McDonough’s Market and other locations. They’re also included on many website calendars that take feeds from us including sites run by the Beaver Island Boat Company, Richards Rental Management, the Beaver Island Historical Society, The Beaver Island District Library and more.  Plus, we’ll give you a feed of your calendar posts to include on your website, too, that can be in any of the formats you see here.  Everything will update automatically.  That’s why we say “Post once and done” with the BIC Center/WVBI Community Calendar.


Here’s how. It’s EASY!


It’s easy to add your event to the BIC Center/WVBI Community calendar.  Just go to the Calendar and click on the button at the top of the Calendar (or look for the big +Post Your Event button at the bottom of this page):


That will display the handy dandy form shown below.  Just fill it out and, unless you’ve been told otherwise by someone at the BIC Center or WVBI, choose “Island Events” as the category and, if there is a category for your organization, tick that, too.  When you submit the form, the folks at WVBI who maintain the calendar will be alerted and as soon as they review your event it will be posted.  It’s as simple as that. Post once…and done!

Give it a try!

Want to post your event right now?  Your wish is our commend. Just click the friendly orange button below and you’re on your way!

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