As the end of the year approaches we take stock of what’s been accomplished and plan for the future.  We’ve had a great year at the BIC Center with a variety of programs including live music performances spanning many genres, plays produced by the Beaver Island Players, BICS and CMU, community discussions on the Master Plan, EMS, COA Issues and more, movies on most Saturdays, exercise programs for all ages, computer workshops, educational seminars, games for kids and adults, COA dinners, craft shows, the Summer Solstice, the Gala and more.  On WVBI, we’ve presented entertainment and information programs with an increasing variety of special shows and extensive coverage of local events.  Countless volunteers have helped it all happen, but the most important source of our success is the support of donors like you who value this work and want to see it continue.  Neither the BIC Center or WVBI receive any tax-based support.  They operate solely with contributions from members of our community–near and far.

We’ve just kicked off our annual fundraising campaign for The Preservation Association of Beaver Island, the operator of the BIC Center and WVBI.  As the end of your year approaches, we hope you’ll consider supporting our efforts on behalf of the island community and include us in your year-end giving plans.  We’ve recently mailed out information about how you can lend your financial support.  If you’ve not received your letter, please let us know.  We hope you’ll either respond to the letter by sending a donation or, if it is easier, you can make a donation on line right here.

We thank you for your support of the PABI, the BIC Center and WVBI.