All of us at your Beaver Island Community Center, WVBI and the Preservation Association of Beaver Island wish you a very healthy and prosperous New Year.  2018 was one for the record books here at the BIC Center with a variety of events throughout the year. We plan to make 2019 even better and look forward to seeing you here to enjoy what we have to offer our wonderful community.

We are still waiting for ice on Paradise Bay, but once it forms the BIC Center WVBI will be out there.  Accurately predict when it goes through the ice in the spring and take home half the entry fees.  The other half goes to support programs here, so even if you don’t take the purse you win by supporting your BIC Center and WVBI.  Speaking of which, please remember that our annual fund raiser is underway.  Scroll down for details or to make your contribution now.