Donate to PABI to support the BIC Center, WVBI and more

Annual giving from households and businesses is PABI’s major source of operating revenue used to operate the BIC Center and WVBI. Other income comes from the sale of goods and services, event fees, occasional small grants, and PABI fund-raisers.

NO taxes are levied for Center support.

As a small non-profit, volunteer-lead organization on a remote Lake Michigan Island—we treasure every contributing member.


Every donor to PABI becomes a MEMBER.  Donations help PABI operate the BIC Center and WVBI, and maintain its other programs, without any revenue from taxes. Donations are made in a variety of ways:

  • Cash donations for events and operations;
  • Volunteer work time for Center oversight and services;
  • Auction items for fund-raising;
  • Time and talent for special performances; and
  • Products and services that improve the building (e.g., flowers, paint, Christmas trees, decorations, exterior pest control, carpet cleaning, sidewalk clearing, and so on).



  • the gratitude of BIC Center and WVBI staff and volunteers as well as that of Island residents and visitors;
  • a BIC Center magnet and a WVBI sticker that shows others you support both;
  • early notice of events—with reserved seating and tickets that can be picked up at the performance;
  • recognition in the BIC Center (unless anonymity is requested); and
  • knowledge that you enhance the quality of life for Beaver Island residents and visitors.


We recognize and appreciate all donations to PABI.  Large, medium or small, every donation is important.  Indeed, if every visitor to the BIC Center and every listener to WVBI gave just $10 a year, we’d be able to cover our operating expenses while building an endowment for the future.


To join and become an official MEMBER of the Island Community Center—at any level—please call 231-448-2022 or contact any PABI board member if you would like to help, have any questions, or would like more information.

Or you can donate online right now.