Other Noteworthy Contributors


Over the years, many have served on the Board and/or contributed their advice, skill, equipment, time and energy to the Preservation Association and the Community Center project. The Board and Island Community are grateful to these many contributors, and if anyone has been overlooked, please let us know so that we might correct the oversight.


Current and Past Volunteers:  In addition to its volunteer board, the BIC Center and WVBI benefit from the efforts of numerous volunteers.  At the center these include Sarah Avery, Phil Becker, David Blanchard,  Pat Bonadeo, Janet Boylan, Marie Boyle, Janet Burton, Delva Burton, Glen Felixson, Barb Fix, Lisa Gillespie, Susie Harmon, Stan Jensen. Tessa Jones. Jacque Lafreniere, Theresa, Kevin & Sophie McDonough, Denise McDonough, Patrick McGinnity, Janet McKnight, Kitty McNamara, Sharon Misiak, Pat Nugent, Jeff Powers, Simeon, Sheri, Adam, Elijah, Micah & Demetrius Richards, Debbie, John, John Brady & Jarred Robert, Sharon Scamehorn, Sue Screven, Sally Stebbins, Lisa Theriac, Dyanne Tracy, Audrey VanDyke, Alan Vicstein, Elaine West and Karen Whitecraft. 

At WVBI, Sheri Timsak, Cindy Riskgers, Cynthia Johnson, Emily Boyle, Deb Plastrick, Mark Beltaire and Phil Becker all produce shows for the station.  Mo Abelee and Dennis Winslow both spend countless hours programming the station and helping create content for it.

All of our current board members volunteer substantial commitments of time for meetings and administrative work.  Many of them also volunteer time to help run various of the BIC Center’s programs.


Founding Board Members: Frank Blatt, Jane Blatt, Ann Broder, Dennis Clarkson (President), Don Cole (Vice-President), Joanne Hooker, Philip Lange, Larry Malloy, Paul Niehaus, Pam O’Brien (Secretary-Treasurer), Joe Reed, Deb Roberts, Phyllis Townsend, and Karen Wojan.


Past Board Members: Arlene Bailey, Bob Banville (deceased), Maggie Bennett (deceased), Jim Birdsall, Maureen Bussell, Marilyn Clark, Phyllis Duda (deceased), Kailonnie Dunsmore, Judy Gallagher, John Fiegen (President for five years), Jon Fogg, Lisa Gillespie, Pam Grassmick, Michelle Grooters, Phyllis Fitzpatrick, Art Johnston, E. Z. Johnson, JoAnne Hooker (deceased), Jacque LaFreniere, Krys Lyle, Gena McCafferty, Skip McDonough, Bill Palladino, Ric Roane, Deb Robert, Rick Speck, Sarah Thompson, Don Tritsch, Audrey VanDyke, Alden Walters, Marty Walstrom, John White (deceased) and his son Kevin.


Community Advisors (who donated time and expertise to many committee and fund-raising efforts): John Bonadeo, Glen Borre, Darrell Butler, Nina & Ray Cole, Jan Gersen, Robert Gillespie, Rich Gillespie, Jeanne & Ralph Graham, Pinky Harmon, Eric & Dana Hodgson, Marie Johnson, Steve & Beth Lucas, Jackie Madigan & Dennis Madigan (deceased), Grace (deceased) & Ray Matela, Bill McDonough, Tim McDonough, Rod Nackerman (deceased), Barry Pischner (deceased), Katherine Ricksgers, L.D. Ryan, Pat & John “Red” Rowley, Joyce & John Runberg Sr., Bill & Jerrie Turner, Elaine West, Nancy White, Carol & Satch Wierenga, Ed Wojan, and Jim Wojan.

Events at the BIC Center

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