Our Board

The Preservation Association’s governing Board represents a cross-section of year-round and seasonal Beaver Island residents. It currently includes the following people:

Judy Boyle—Learned of the Island when she enrolled in a biology course at the CMU Biological Station in 1977. Moved to the Island as a summer resident in 2004 with her husband Kevin and their 3 school-aged children. She became a full-time resident in 2007. Judy served as treasurer for the “Cottage for Karen” project, and now serves on the Island’s Community School Board as Secretary and as Chair of its Curriculum and FInance Committees. She serves as Secretary of PABI.

Kevin Boyle—Retired as a partner of Latham & Watkins LLP after 31 years of practice in Washington, D.C. as a communications, technology and information security lawyer.  He serves on the boards of the Beaver Island Association, Northern Initiatives and the NMU Foundation.  He is a volunteer programming & robotics teacher at BICS, and is the lead mentor for bIrobot, the BICS robotics team. Kevin helped found WVBI and serves as its general manager, engineer, news guy, jazz host, chief cook and bottle washer. He is married to Judy Boyle. 

Dianna Behl—Dianna moved to the island in 2017 to become the English Language Arts teacher for middle and high school at BICS. She grew up in Charlevoix and loves outdoor activities. She has over 20 years of teaching experience and has completed multiple triathlons.

Carol Creasser—Built here in 1998—becoming a fulltime resident in 2006. A surgical nurse who later became a homebuilder and general contractor, she’s been married to Charlie for 45 years (a retired physician who is now a very talented wood-worker). She enjoys travel, her four children and grandchildren, reading, cooking, and “technology” of all kinds. Currently serves as President of PABI.

Dr. Don Fix—Practiced Emergency Medicine in West Michigan for 36 years. Married to Barb for 42, they continue to enjoy their 3 children, 5 grandchildren, boating, cooking, reading, and travel. Sailing to the Island in the early ‘90s, they built their home here before retiring here in 2012. An avid techno-geek/handy-man—Don enjoys computing, home theater, photography, carpentry, plumbing, electrical and HVAC work. He serves on the board of the Beaver Island Association and as Vice President of PABI.

Jack Gallagher—An accountant and attorney, he served as Vice-President for GTE VALERON, retiring in 1994. He later joined his friend Judy in setting up an art and home furnishing business here on Beaver Island, and they married in 2002—merging their combined families of 11 children. In 2008 he was elected and served 4 years as Peaine Township Supervisor. Volunteers as PABI bookkeeper/accountant. He serves as Treasurer of PABI.

Judy Lanier Gallagher—Respected educator, professor, and dean emeritus from MSU. Visiting the Island in 1972, her family became seasonal residents in 1974. She retired here in 2000, ran a local business, served on the school board, township board, PABI board, and as BICS Superintendent and Principal. She enjoys her large family who visit often—as well as cooking, entertaining, and nature walks with her husband Jack, and Splash, their black lab.

Eric Hodgson—Once a pilot for the local airlines, he now owns and operates the landmark Shamrock Bar & Restaurant, Harbor Market, Beaver Island Lodge, Stoney Acres, and Beachcomber—while making a little time for the Great Lakes boating he enjoys with Dana (his Island-born wife) and their son, Liam. Eric participates in many community activities and serves on the Board of the Charlevoix State Bank.  He is chair of PABI’s Board.

Holly Hogarth

Cynthia Hunting

Bill Kohls—Part-time Islander since 2002. Came here full time in 2008 after 16 years in banking as chief financial officer. Now offers local financial services to the Island, & enjoys riding horses, hunting & his dogs. He serves as the Supervisor of Peaine Township and chairman of the Beaver Island Emergency Services Authority.

Ken McDonald—Retired executive of Alticor Inc. and managing director of Quixtar; built Island home in 1992 and retired here in 2005. Ken was active in local school activities while his son attended and graduated from school here—and now focuses on community improvement efforts. He serves on the Beaver Island Association Board, has managed its annual Beach Clean-Up, and led PABI’s Capital Campaign. He is an avid outdoorsman, traveler, & hunter.

Susannah Thomas—Susannah is the Global HR Director at The Dow Chemical Company.  Her undergraduate degree is in music. She is married to Matt Thomas who serves as Festival Director for the Baroque on Beaver Music Festival.

Ron Wojan—Born and raised on Beaver Island, Ron went away to college but was fast to come back and follow in his dad’s home-building foot steps. He’s served in numerous leadership roles on the island over the years.  He did a lot of work to help get WVBI on the air.


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