These families and friends of Beaver Island made five and six figure gifts ranging from $10,000 to $250,000 to purchase and clean-up the site, and build and equip the Community Center. Without these generous donations, the Center would not be here for residents and visitors to enjoy. These families and friends now invite others to join them in making the Center forever sustainable without a tax burden. Our goal is to have 10 more Founding Families & Friends help eliminate the Center’s debt and build its endowment. The entire Island community benefits from and remains grateful for their great generosity and caring.
The Peter Amster and Frank Galati Family

The Robert and Alana Anderson Family

The Paul and Nancy Armstrong Family

The Elwood and Phyllis Baker Family

The Bob and Joan Banville Family

Families and Friends of Beaver Gems, Inc.

The Maggie Bennett Family

The Eugene and Josephine Bonadeo Family

The Glen and Betsy Borre Family

The Jack & Beatrice O’Donnell Boyle Family

The Kevin and Judy Boyle Family

The Jeff and Francesca Cooper Family

The Charles and Carol Creasser Family

The Mike and Rhea Dow Family

The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family

The Doug and Maria DeVos Family

The Jon and Sally Fogg Family

The Mark and Jeannie Folkening Family

The Bill and Barb Fox Family

Families and Friends of the Frey Foundation

The Jack and Judy Gallagher Family

The Robert and Lisa Gillespie Family

The Paul and Anne Glendon Family

The Ann Goodrich and Janice Gerson Family

The Ralph and Jeanne Graham Family

Families and Friends of the Grand Traverse
Band of Chippewa and Ottawa Indians

The Russell and Joy Green Family

The Karl and Pinky Harmon Family

The Eric and Dana Hodgson Family

The Allen and Cynthia Hunting Family

The Allen and Helen Hunting Family

The George Kress Family

The Ronald and Suzie Jakubas Family

The Archie and Frances LaFreniere Family

The Phillip and EB Lange Family

The Perry Lanier Family

The Bill and Connie Lenau Family

The Ken and Deb McDonald Family

The Bud and Skip McDonough Family

The Tom and Laurie McDonough Family

The Denny and Jackie Madigan Family

The Bud and Colleen Martin Family

The Don and Kay Masini Family

The Jon and Julie Masini Family

The Loren and Ann Meengs Family

The H. Gary and Rene Morse Family

The Raymond Murray Family

The Robert Neff and Julie Ebers Family

The Russell, Thelma, and Sally J. Pryce Family

The Edwin and Sheila Peterson Family

The Pete and Deb Plastrik Family

The Dr. Jeffrey Powers Family

The Taffy Raphael and Jim Gavalek Family

The Joe/Marilyn Reed & Peter/Jennifer Strang Family

The Ric Roane Family

The Families and Friends of Spartan Food Stores

The Evan and Suzy Steger Family

The Declan Drumm Sullivan Memorial Fund

The Dave and Barb Swartzfisher Family

The Ken and Judy Taylor Family

The Gerry Taylor and Nancy Bryant Family

The Bill and Eula Thomas Family

The Bob and Sharon Toms Family

The Don and Nancy Tritsch Family

The Edward and Linda Troutman Family

The Bill and Jerrie Turner Family

The Alden and Judith Walters Family

The Bob and Sue Welke Family

The Paul & Angel Welke and Island Air Families

The Ed and Willy Welter Family

The Wilson and Stein Families

The Ed and Connie Wojan Family

–And one Anonymous Donor

Events at the BIC Center

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