What We Do

PABI’s recent work includes:

  • Installing a state of the art assistive listening system in the Robert Gillespie Memorial Theater that works with most hearing aids and includes loaner units with headphones;
  • Hosting events for BICS including the robotics team’s bIrobot Film Festival, testing sessions, the 4th, 5th & 6th grade play and graduation;
  • Supporting the first ever Island Fellow programming by providing office space in the BIC Center;
  • Implementation of the Up North Digtal Network video sign system and making it available to all businesses that want to participate; 
  • Hosting community meetings on the Master Plan, EMS Issues the Island Fellow Program and others;
  • Presentation of recent release movies almost every weekend with shows for kids, teens and adults;
  • Hosting senior events including monthly COA Dinners and the Arthritis Exercise Program;
  • Organizing and hosting recreational activities that exrcise the body and the mind including Pickleball and Games Galore;
  • Production assistance and broadcast of the Beaver Island Radio Players productions including episodes of The Bickersons, Father Knows Best and Lights Out;
  • Serving as the trail head of the Beaver Island Birding Trail and home to the Beaver Island Community Players;
  • Adding a self-serve soda fountain to our concession stand; and
  • 24x7 operation of the WVBI — the Voice of Beaver Island — with locally produced news, a comprehensive on-air and on-line Community Calendar, Islander News from BICS, locally produced music shows, global news on the hour in the mornings and evening, and informative programing Saturday & Sunday mornings including the recent addition of the Peabody award winning show RadioLab from WNYC.

There’s always something going on at your Community Center.  It’s where island adventures begin.

Music, Plays & More

The summer of 2017 was truly one to celebrate at the BIC Center--with plays, music from many genres (Classical, Jazz, Celtic, Folk and Country) informative presentations, the Summer Solstice Party, the 2017 Gala, Yoga, tech presentations, rainy day games, trail head information and more. We're planning a similar flurry of events for the summer of 2018.


BIC Center Big Screen

Summer 2017 was big for movies on the big screen at the BIC Center. We presented two movies every Saturday all year and started movie Tuesdays during the summer. Watch them sparkle by to the right. 2018 will be another great year for movies in the Robert Gillespie Memorial Theater.

Plays, Robots & Ice

PABI's spring events included two productions in the Ray & Ann Stanhope Theater, a robot film festival and the classic Ice Classic.


Car #1 Was #1 Again!

The winning team of Diane McDonough, Andy Kohls, Eric Hodgson, Jeanne Gillespie and Kathy Speck has not only Rallied for over a decade, but in past years has organized this PABI annual rite-of-spring. Congratulations for winning the coveted trophy--and continuing a Beaver Island tradition!

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