Introducing the 2020 Gala Auction Online

Our 2020 Gala Auction site brings the fun of a live auction online letting you stay at home while still bidding on items in real-time.  Plus, if you really like an item, you can just “Buy it Now.”  You may reach the 2020 Gala Auction from the “Auction” link in the menu at the top of the BIC Center website.  Or, from anywhere on the web, just point your browser at by typing that in the address bar.

When users come to the auction site, they’ll see a full catalog of items like those shown in this sample page.  (Note that the items listed here are from last year’s auction.)

Clicking on any item in the auction catalog will take the visitor to details about that item.  The listing will include a picture and description of the item.  Detail or additional pictures can be included.  The open or current bid price for the item will be shown along with a countdown clock showing the time until the auction ends.  If there ia a “buy it now” price for the item, that will be show in the listing as well.  At the bottom of the listing, other items that might be of interest will be shown.

The auction is now “on” and visitors are able to bid on items.  If you are interested in adding an item to the auction site, the is still time to do that.  Just click the “Donate an Item” button below.  Or, visit the auction by clicking on the “Go to Auction” button.

We thank you for your support of the Beaver Island Community Center and WVBI.