PABI 2018 Ice Classic

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The Clock is Running

The Ice Classic Tower is freshly painted and in place on Paradise Bay.  So, the clock is now running on your chance to have some fun and help support PABI by entering the 2018 Ice Classic.  All you need to do to win is predict the date and time this spring that the Ice Classic Tower will fall through the ice.  Tickets to enter your carefully researched and scientifically supported prediction (or your guess) are just $5 each or six for $20. The person who picks the correct date, hour and minute the tower goes into the water receives half the proceeds. The other half goes to support the BIC Center and WVBI.

Your research can begin by having a look of the record of past winners shown below.  The rest of your prediction planning we leave to you. You must get your entry in by March 21 at 5:00 p.m.  The countdown timer above shows how much time you have left.  Entries may be made by U.S. Mail to the BIC Center or by handing your completed ticket to any PABI board member or to any BIC Center staff member at the BIC Center. Special thanks to Ron Wojan who refurbished the tower and hauled it out onto the ice.

Information on past winners

Perhaps the following information will be of use to you:

  • 2017 11:22 AM April 13 — The winners (two) split $435
  • 2016 No ice
  • 2015 3:40 PM April 15 — The winner collected $432.50
  • 2014 11:01 AM April 28 — The winner collected $527.25
  • 2013 12:18 PM April 11 — The winner collected $700
  • 2012 No Ice
  • 2011 12:20 PM April 10th — The winner collected over $1,046
  • 2010-4:10 PM March 18—The winner collected over $700.00
  • 2009-1:58 PM April 9, 2009—The winner collected over $1,100
  • 2008-11.34 PM on April 8—-The winner collected over $1,200
  • 2007- 2:52 PM on March 28th —The winner collected Over $1,200
  • 2006- 8:29 PM on March 29th—The winner collected Over $600

The rest is up to you.  You can check Wikipedia, consult with climate scientists, consult a fortune teller, roll some dice, ask the Beaver Island Pirate — or just guess.  However you do it, remember the deadline.  The clock is ticking.

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